ioBroker Adapter for Huawei FusionSolar API

For me ioBroker is one of the best IoT Systems. Especially because you can still connect cloud-based services without being forced to use the cloud. So i was able to build a bridge between our Homematic CCU, our wallboxes from Easee and the API from Tesla. But despite all the variety of available adapters, i had to realize that one was missing! It was the one for our newly installed PV system, which comes with a SUN2000 from Huawei.

Yes, I know – when hering this manufacturer, one immediately has certain security issues in mind – but for me the thing runs in the DMZ! It can’t steal data (apart from my PV usage behavior of course ;-). It is probably possible to approach the inverter completely offline and directly via MODUS over TCP, but somehow that doesn’t really work for me (seems to be a long-term research project). So what I did more or less for a medium-term transition period was the development of my own adapter for the so-called "Fusion Solar" Cloud – i.e. the place where the inverter "calls home". The result is of course open source, can be found here on GitHub and has become quite popular on the community.

Have fun with it!

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