Welcome to my Blog!

In this blog I would like to write about some of my public domain projects in open source software development, a little bit about show tech and other technology topics (like IoT or Cloud-Platforms) in which i’m involved in my private time.
About me: i am software architect and open source contributor since over 20 years, tech enthusiast and founder of the ‘SmartStandards’-workgroup (on Github), the ‘ORSCF’-workgroup (developing ideas for the digital transformation in the medical sector) and initiator of the ‘Project UShell’.

My goal for this page is not to build up a large audience, but rather a documentation for myself and a base for my articles to link to. Since the content is not a secret and may have added value for one or the other, it is public. I am not responsible for any action taken by others based on this information.

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  • ioBroker Adapter for Huawei FusionSolar API

    ioBroker Adapter for Huawei FusionSolar API

    For me ioBroker is one of the best IoT Systems. Especially because you can still connect cloud-based services without being forced to use the cloud. So i was able to build a bridge between our Homematic CCU, our wallboxes from Easee and the API from Tesla. But despite all the […]

  • announcing Project ‘UShell’…

    announcing Project ‘UShell’…

    Hi everybody! Based on the publication of my article ´Core ideas for a universal Webshell´, and after finding a genius partner, i’m now very proud to announce a new Project! We call it the: Where it lives? For the Project we’ve created a dedicated GitHub-Organisation and a Homepage You can […]

  • defining ‘UJMW’ (a message wrapper format for JSON based webservice calls)

    defining ‘UJMW’ (a message wrapper format for JSON based webservice calls)

    Do you implement WebAPIs which are NOT located on the persistence layer and therefore NOT focused on doing CRUD operations? Then you should avoid to implement them as a ‘RESTful’ api, cause this makes no sense. Some HTTP-based APIs having a ‘call-based’ approach to known BL operations. IN-, OUT- and […]